Ferretus Metallica 3


Some more piccies



Some of the bits prior to cleaning and painting

This is the left side escape hatch

Without it's cover or spare wheel.

Red Lead (It could be red oxide paint mind you)

Photo from the left escape hatch.

It seems this ferret did not get it's complete coating of silver paint. You can still see the deep bronze green (and in some places what looks like white paint)

The donought shape is the fluid flywheel, the silver box is the petrol tank

This is the right side escape hatch

(Ignore the hot chocolate jar, it's used to hold the old nuts and bolts)

In this shot is the forward/reverse selector (red). the front left prop shaft (green with rust) Steering wheel, front right bevel box (yellow), the master brake cylinder and some other bits

Engine out

Now to clean this lot

Anyone got a firehose?