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JG Getting down to the beats man

Tick Tock

Taken at SG14-1.


I can't believe it's not otter...


Shouldn't we be calling the SSPCA?

SG 14-1

There's a reason he's called the Mad Cackler!

Clockwork android Mask Mk1

This photo doesn't do justice to the amount of work put into this costume. He even has it ticking.

Do not feed after midnight!

I'll have to get around to making a JG Death Gallery.

It's tradition that he gets 'killed' at every event.

A tradition that I think should be positively encouraged!

Taken at the Secret Bunker nearish St Andrews

(well it's not a secret now of course)

Even the Empire knows a bad 'un!

Taken at a collectable fair at the SECC

Droid with Chib

I believe the extending droid weapon was made by B McNicol.

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General etc etc

Good eh?

This costume was inspired by the Dr Who epsode "The Girl in The Fireplace". JohnG refers to it as the clockword android second from the left, just out of screenshot.


The crazed one is the Maltman being a Scotttish Wraith. Umm I don't know why.

See previous comments!

Ahh yes. JG and Mini Malp.

I had built the little grey thing one year for a Sci Fi convention in Glasgow (Think it was a Star Trek con at the Thistle). It was a bit of fun and kept my hands busy. If anyone has other pics of it, then send them in.


RJB at the Iron Horse

This was taken at the old Watchers nights in the basement. Ermm not sure if he was at court / funeral / Mafia get together , but it is very fetching.

RJB as an FBI agent

This was taken at the Central Hotel, round about the time of X Files.

RJB with Mascot

Asleep on the job

RJB as a UNIT soldier I believe. (RTD era Dr Who)

RJB out on the streets of Glasgow

Think this is on Buchanan Street. No idea who the lady is.

RJB getting itchy trigger finger at the Dr Who exhibition at the Art Gallaries in Glasgow

RJB as Unit Soldier

Presumably for a ID pass?

RJB as unit soldier

I seem to remember there was a club who attended the Dr Who exhibition to add "life" to the experience.

RJB at Dr Who exhibtion


Taken sometime after 2000 / 2001 at the Central Hotel Glasgow

SG-999 con photo

Sometime after 2000 / 2001


This would have been round about 2002 / 2003?

SG-999 con photo

In the days, they used to attend conventions as a "team". The idea being that one or two of them could assist with first aiding duties and the others did stewarding

SG-999 con photo

Sometime after 2000 / 2001

Look, someone must know when these were taken!

SG-999 con photo

Think this was something like SG10 in Heathrow?

SG-999 con photo


Kitty B, Xman, Nasty Nick, me, RJB and Maltman

Probably one of the first photos.

Taken roundabout 1998 / 99. We had gone as a SG team to a convention at the Central Hotel Glasgow. As you can see, JohnG had that crazed look even then.

SG-999 at the Normandy Hotel for a Buffy event

Maltman, KittyB, Nasty Nick and yours me with Neil Davidson (Long black coat) of Jedi Chef's fame.

Yes I was running on not enough sleep and my small cup of sympathy had long run out.

SG-999 with the Jedi Chefs

Probably taken in 2001 / 2002?

The Jedi Chefs are nice guys. Go look them up a in famous word search engine of your choice

SG-999 at a Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig

Taken in Glasgow, circa1999 / 2000?

SG-999 RJB, Nasty Nick and JohnG

See what I mean about that crazed look?

Think this was taken upstairs at the Buchanan hotel

No idea who was running the event or who (if any) was the guest. Not my era.

This was taken at a filming for a truely dire 'comedy' show on BBC 2. Probably 2002. It featured 2 stick fighting lolipop men.

I mean. The show sucked (My own personal opinion of course)

Jinxx and PaulM are the tunnel rats

They asked someone to make up a insignia that they could use as a patch. For the life of me I can't remember who did it. Suggestions anyone?


Xman doing.. something

Looks like this is outside the St Enoch centre.