Ferretus Metallica

These are some pictures taken recently during the teardown.


We have removed the engine deck at this point

A better view

You can see the Air horn going to the carb, Oil Cooler, Fuel Filler, Brake master cylinder, Oil dip stick and filler from this angle

Taking off the rear armour

To get this far requires the removal of the engine deck and the disconnection of two lights. Two men could do this but it's faster and easier with a lift

Rear armour gone

You can see the rad from here. The dark patch is a leak. I'll have to either get this rad repaired or source a replacement. Not cheap in either case.

Draining the coolant

Yep. There's a LOT of coolant. Fancy a bath?

Rad removed.

This is the fan. It should be a sky /egg blue but you can see how long it's been since it was cleaned

Fan removed

Close up of engine info plates

These plates tell you when the engine was last overhauled as well as crucial information to set the timing up correctly

Gearbox and Transfer box

This is inside the compartment, looking down. The top of the picture is the back. On the top left you can see the original colour the compartment was painted. (This may have been done either in the field or at the factory)

Part one of engine mod certificate

When ferrets (more specifically their engines) were overhauled or repaired, this piece of paper would be updated to show what was done and by whom.

The rest of the certificate

This tells you which unit did the work and what they did.