Ferretus Metallica 2

Some more pictures from today (02 June 11)

It will be a case of cleaning and parts, replacing perishables, getting broken bits repaired and replaced.


Right side with both escape hatches off

Reinforcing bar disengaged and some more bits taken off

The B60 engine

The B series of engines were designed to run on poor quality fuel, Leaded / Unleaded / Two star / Four star, RON 80 and (rumour has it) Vodka!

Some of the bits removed so far.

These will need to be cleaned, refurbished and reinstalled

More bits

These are the prop shaft covers. Front part of the front, various covers and Fan

Taken from the left escape hatch

Visible is the direction lever (to go forward or back), Right inner Tracta box, Brake fluid reservoir, steering wheel, hanbrake and front prop shafts

Right forward propshaft

Still connected to transfer box

Right side of prop shaft

The silver is the sky blue / duck egg blue paint flaking to reveal the original aluminium casting

Gearbox and transfer box

View from above. with the box almost ready to be lifted

Brake bands

The gearbox is a Wilson preselective. The brake bands are like inside out brake shoes. They compress around spinning parts of the gearbox to give you the correct gear.

Every job needs a supervisor!

Gearbox ready to be sent down

This was taken on 24 June. Sorry for the quality, it was taken on my phone