SG14-1 Convention

Photos taken by John Gallacher

All images are copyright of the respective contributors except where stated.

JG Pictures


London Pigeon

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Plaque

HMS Belfast

34 Saint Mary's Annexe (aka The Gherkin and some other ruder names)

Think about it...


No, he's not a alien in real life.

He spoke very warmly of the USA and how much he loves it.

Pretty huh?

Didn't Major Carter off this guy?

Seems oddly animated for a corpse...

The senator Kinsey band...

They're not really called that, I just can't remember the actor's name.

He was actually pretty good.

Wasn't he the guy from Robocop? You know, the orginal movie, not the sequels or the atrocity that was the TV show..

It's a tradition for JG to be killed at a every convention he goes to. Don't think he's ever been done in by a kilted wraith before..

These were two of the winners from the fancy dress comp. Just look at the quality of the costumes

As you might have guessed, there is a certain theme going on..

A little bit of Dr Who..


Is this a wind up? (clockwork android.. wind up.. geddit? No? Geez!)

Party people

Boogie ooogie oggie..

Craig and Ross

Can't remember their names but they are a lovely couple.


JG getting a prize for clockwork android

Ori soldier versus the bullet stopper.

The Ori soldier's outfit was pretty amazing. Made of carboard and other bits, he carefully coated and painted everything to look metal and leather, even from a couple of feet away.

Craig with a light saber

Light saber fun without the flash

Much nicer effect

The obligatory beav.. er otter shot..

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